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What Seniors in Pennsylvania Should Know About Independent Living

As you ponder what comes next in the great adventure that is your life, you may have started exploring the option of moving to an independent living community in Pennsylvania. This is a welcoming state for older adults, as social security and other types of retirement income, like 401(k)s and IRAs, are exempt from state income tax. Pennsylvania also offers warm summers and mild winters, as well as affordable senior housing options. 

If you are planning to call an independent senior living community in this state home, here are some things to consider.  

When Is Independent Living Right for You?

The timing to move to independent living is different for everyone, however, many seniors regret not moving into their community sooner. While there may be some apprehension in the face of such a big life change, moving to a senior living community as soon as possible can be beneficial for many reasons. 

With our care needs always changing, moving to a Life Care community – which offers on-site health services like memory care, skilled nursing and assisted living – can give you long-term security and comfort knowing that if your needs change, your community doesn’t have to. Plus, doing so gives you more time to enjoy the many other benefits of independent living!

How Much Does Independent Living Cost in Pennsylvania? 

Independent living costs vary depending on the type of community and the types of care, services and amenities they offer. Some communities require a one-time entrance fee in addition to your monthly payments, which is used to guarantee priority access to the community’s additional types of care. 

Overall, Pennsylvania’s cost of living is fairly average compared to the rest of the country. Communities in larger cities like Philadelphia and Pittsbursh may be more expensive than those in suburban communities like Upper St. Clair or rural areas. 

When comparing the costs between senior living communities, consider the quality of the accommodations and the grounds. You also want to take into account their services, amenities and levels of care to ensure you’re able to get the most out of your investment long term. Another key point to consider is the rising cost of healthcare.  

Another added benefit of independent living is that it helps you consolidate your expenses. With your care, some on-site meals, amenities and most services bundled into one monthly payment, paying bills is much easier and less overwhelming. 

What To Consider When Choosing an Independent Living Community in Pennsylvania 

Moving to a senior living community is a big step, and may feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve lived in a large family home for a while. However, moving to a new community opens up a world of possibilities. Community life is all about supporting your independence, not limiting it.  

Location and Services

As you explore independent living options in Pennsylvania, consider each community’s location, services and amenities. You want to find one that’s the most convenient and appealing to you. Is it important for you to be nearer to family and friends? Will you miss the events and activities of the big city if you choose a suburb? Weather trends also vary across the state. While the overall climate is humid continental, the state has seen an average increase in rainfall of 10 to 20 percent. The northwest part of the state also receives more snow due to its proximity to Lake Eerie. 

Costs and Fees

There are over 700 retirement communities in Pennsylvania to choose from. These range from small rental communities to continuing care retirement communities and senior living buy-in options. Each community will have its own fee and payment structures. Some may require an upfront entrance fee in addition to monthly fees. Monthly fees are often inclusive of utilities, maintenance and access to on-site amenities and services. 

Explore Independent Living Options at Friendship Village of South Hills

Upscale amenities, top-notch services and a passionate team of care experts are all at your beck and call at Friendship Village of South Hills. Our independent living residents have access to personalized wellness plans, fitness classes and facilities, an art studio, walking paths and gardens, an on-site salon and more to support a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. We also provide housekeeping, laundry, landscaping and maintenance services, along with a suite of other services, so that you won’t have to worry about the logistics of household chores.

In addition to these services and amenities, we provide a range of events and activities for you to get connected and forge connections with people that have similar interests. This is especially important since loneliness and isolation are common among seniors and have been linked to serious health conditions.  

Contact us today to see this vibrant community for yourself, or fill out the contact form below.

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