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Our Commitment to You

Friendship Village of South Hills is a member of Lifespace Communities, Inc., a nonprofit senior living and care provider serving the Midwest, Texas, and Florida.

Our goal is to foster communities where individuals can pursue their dreams. Through Life Care, we offer financial stability and peace of mind while continuous investment in our staff and community reinvestments further this commitment. Additionally, the Lifespace Foundation extends our dedication to philanthropy and service.

The Lifespace Foundation

Supporting Your Journey

Since its inception in 1992, the Lifespace Foundation has stood as a beacon of hope and support for our community. Established as the charitable arm of Lifespace, the Foundation's mission is to elevate the lives of our residents, their families, and our dedicated team through purposeful fundraising.

The generosity of our remarkable donors—many of whom are team members, residents, and residents' families—fuels our passion and purpose. Together, we are crafting a legacy of enriching experiences, ensuring every individual within our communities flourishes.

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Certainly, go do your due diligence. Look at other places. But I've met so many people who come here after they've done that because this is the place to be in Pittsburgh because of the warmness.

- Mary Lou Burger, Friendship Village of South Hills Resident

Nonprofit Community

Reinvesting in Your Community

At Friendship Village of South Hills, we believe in the power of giving back. As a cornerstone of Lifespace, our nonprofit commitment ensures that every dollar purposefully improves our community. This dedication is evident in our frequent and ongoing improvements, upgrades, and renovations. Every step, every change, is geared toward enriching the lives of our residents, their families, and the incredible team that calls our community home. Together, we're building a brighter, better tomorrow.

The Benevolence Fund

Committed to Care for Life

At Friendship Village of South Hills, our promise goes beyond bricks and mortar. We believe in an unwavering commitment to each resident, ensuring a lifelong promise of care and support. Through the Lifespace Foundation's benevolence fund, backed by the generous spirit of our community, we pledge that if any of our Life Care residents outlive their financial resources through no fault of their own, then their chosen community will continue to support and care for them for the remainder of their lives. They will always have a home here, surrounded by a community that cherishes and uplifts them—for life.

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Philanthropic Efforts

Supporting Those Who Support You

The Foundation extends beyond benevolent care, providing our invaluable team with educational and emergency financial aid. This investment fosters personal and professional growth, ensuring our residents experience exceptional care and support.

Consider supporting the Lifespace Foundation's mission with your tax-deductible donation, enhancing the atmosphere of compassion and excellence that defines Friendship Village of South Hills.

Ways to Give