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Senior Independent Living

Your Opportunity to Thrive

Ready to elevate your retirement to another level?

At Friendship Village of South Hills, this is your chance to dive deeper into the passions and interests you’ve cast aside for too long. See for yourself why this is the best way to create the lifestyle you want to live.

Independent Senior Living Community

A World of Opportunity Awaits

How much more would you get done each day without the daily burdens of housekeeping and other maintenance chores? Your time is precious, and this is your chance to make the most of it with the freedom available to you at Friendship Village of South Hills. Unlock all the possibilities of community life, like rewarding friendships and new hobbies. Life here is an investment in you and your interests.

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Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.

- W. Clement Stone, Businessman and Philanthropist
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Senior Independent Living Activities

Make the Most of Every Moment

At Friendship Village of South Hills, the cozy comforts of Upper St. Clair and the vibrant spirit of Pittsburgh are right at your doorstep. Consider this your personalized invitation—a chance to enrich each day with countless activities, entertaining excursions, and luxurious amenities. It’s time to elevate every day. Why wait any longer?

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Independent Senior Living Connections

Inviting All Friends

Your best times aren’t behind you. They’re right here, right now. Discover your community of kindred spirits through engaging art studio sessions, soul-stirring game nights, or restorative visits to our offsite pool. At Friendship Village of South Hills, you’ll discover that “community” isn’t a word—it’s a way of life.

Find Your People

Certainly, go do your due diligence. Look at other places. But I've met so many people who come here after they've done that because this is the place to be in Pittsburgh because of the warmness.

- Mary Lou Burger, Friendship Village of South Hills Resident

Independent Senior Living Accommodations

Discover Your Sanctuary

Craft your ideal retreat at Friendship Village of South Hills. Experience a life that perfectly balances top-tier amenities for effortless living with a wealth of activities that enrich your days. You’ll find everything you need here.

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