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5 Reasons Now is the Best Time Find a Senior Living Community

We all know that our health needs change as we age, but how many of us are fully prepared for that future? When planning for retirement, it can be difficult to acknowledge that at some point we may need a little extra help, or may find our households and social lives more difficult to manage. 

That’s why there’s no better time than the present to start planning for life at a place where all of your needs can be metno matter how they change. That place is a senior living community, like Friendship Village of South Hills.

1.Get the Best Value  

Senior living communities have changed over the last decade. Today’s seniors are living on resort-like campuses with access to so many services and amenities that it feels like living permanently on a cruise.  

Active and healthy seniors benefit from these communities just as much as those who need extra assistance. In fact, residents can often live independently longer because they have access to housekeeping, maintenance, dining options and enhanced safety features that they wouldn’t have in a residential home. 

Transitioning to a community early also means that you will have longer to take advantage of the financial, health, and social benefits that this type of living has to offer.  

2. Gain Long Term Security and Peace of Mind

We all sleep better when we have confidence in our future financial and personal security. At a senior living community, you can enjoy all the benefits of independent living without worrying about home maintenance or security. 

Residences often come equipped not only with campus security features, but also personal security systems that can summon assistance 24-7. This means that if you have a health event, a fall, or simply need a little extra help to get out of bed, there is someone there to help. 

Many older adults also enjoy knowing that their adult children will not have to worry about them as they age. Often, the responsibility of checking in with and securing care for a parent can be stressful on adult children who are also trying to raise a family. Making an investment in a senior living community means that your children can rest as easily as you do, without worrying about your safety and security. 

3. Consolidate and Streamline Your Expenses  

Imagine having a single bill each month for all of your living expenses. That’s what you’ll get when you choose a senior living community and it’s a big advantageespecially as you get older. 

It can be easy to forget to pay a bill, and sometimes juggling financial obligations can be like playing a game of Jenga. But in many senior living communities, your care, dining, amenities, meals and most services are bundled into a single monthly payment. 

The time to consolidate your expenses is before they become overwhelmingnot after. That’s why now is a great time to move to a senior living community. 

4. Enhance Your Social Life 

As we get older, friends and family may pass on or move away, which can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Many older adults move to senior living communities for the wide range of opportunities available to meet new people, forge new friendships, and engage in new activities. 

Residing in a community of like-minded people at the same stage of their lives can be stimulating and enriching. Many residents find that it’s easy to make new friends with neighbors they see in the dining room or during fitness or other group events. 

This is an exciting time in your life where you can focus on what matters most to you. That may be learning a new skill, enjoying activities you love, and spending more time with friends new and old. At a senior living community, you can take advantage of social and learning opportunities that are difficult to find in one place anywhere else.  

5. Improve Your Health and Wellness

Many senior living communities offer onsite health and wellness opportunities and amenities that older adults find vital to maintaining and improving their quality of life. Having a dedicated team of experts guiding your health journey can be beneficial in managing wellness as we age. 

For instance, at Friendship Village of South Hills, we’ve created a culture of growth that promotes wellness on every level. Our communities are focused on serving the unique needs and preferences of each individual, which allows us to create programming that’s unique to you. This includes a full suite of activities and services that positively impact your intellectual, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing.   

Visit Us at Friendship Village of South Hills

At Friendship Village of South Hill near Pittsburgh, PA, we offer residents a resort-like campus on 73 beautifully landscaped acres. Here, residents find individuals with similar interests dedicated to a life of curiosity, creativity, and growth. Residents can choose their preferred living options, whether that’s an apartment suite or carriage home.  

There truly is no better time to become part of a senior living like Friendship Village than the present. Contact us to schedule a tour and see what the future of community living can look like for you.

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