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Senior Health And Wellness

Invest In Your Well-Being

Feel the soft breeze on your skin during a rejuvenating morning yoga stretch. Watch the sun fade into a cool night on your evening walk. Savor every flavor of your favorite meal with friends.

These moments are more than experiences—they’re investments in your well-being. At Friendship Village of South Hills, wellness means fulfilling all of your physical, mental, and emotional needs in a thoughtfully crafted way. Our holistic approach to your health provides comprehensive support that allows you to thrive each day.

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

- Benjamin Franklin, Writer, Scientist, and Statesman
Physical Wellness

Your path to wellness is distinct and personal. We’ve meticulously designed our wellness programs to resonate with your unique desires and aspirations. Whether your journey takes you to the aerobics studio, the pool, or even a walk around the community, you can feel confident knowing that your plan is expertly managed by a member of our team committed to your well-being.  

Mental Wellness

Community life can remove many small everyday sources of stress. More important, however, are the positive effects of living among like-minded individuals. The effortless camaraderie this arrangement fosters can help build meaningful connections—an essential part of aging well. Whether you’re taking a day trip to the Carnegie Museum of Art, going to the driving range with golf buddies, or just grabbing a quick bite to eat, each relationship is a thread that weaves together a tapestry of cherished experiences.

Spiritual Wellness

We all seek to find our purpose in life. Each of us is on a quest to make the connections that tie our individual stories to a grander narrative. At Friendship Village of South Hills, you can fill the pages of this chapter of your life by volunteering with fellow residents, taking part in uplifting communal worship, and living a shared experience with those around you for collective spiritual growth.

The minute I walked into Friendship Village, it just felt so comfortable. And my daughter and I looked at each other. We said, ‘This is the place.’ And it lives up to its name!

- Theresa Pierce, Friendship Village of South Hills Resident

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Senior Wellness Enrichment

Unlock New Paths to Well-Being

Discover the many ways in which you can elevate and celebrate your wellness journey.

  • Train your body to be its best in our fitness center

  • Sink into a book in our expansive library

  • Unleash your creativity in the art studio

  • Craft something special in the workshop

  • Show off your green thumb in a personal garden

  • Dive into activities that reflect our vibrant community's diversity

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Senior Wellness Community

Expand Your Horizons

The power of meaningful bonds cannot be overstated. Deep social ties pave the way for a healthier and more vibrant journey. Every meal, activity, and outing at Friendship Village of South Hills is an opportunity to expand your circle and enrich your life.

Make Connections

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