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Independent Senior Living Activities

Hone Your Hobbies & Interests

Your individuality shines through your hobbies and pursuits, and at Friendship Village of South Hills, you'll find plenty of avenues to rekindle old passions or discover new ones.

Whether you’re crafting a masterpiece in the art studio, fine-tuning your golf swing at the offsite driving range, or just enjoying the serenity of our butterfly garden with a nice book, our community offers you countless ways to live authentically.

Explore Senior Living Activities

Embrace Your Best Life

What new paths open for you when daily chores and responsibilities are no longer holding you back? Here, you have the freedom to truly explore yourself—whether that means engaging in a spirited game of billiards, building something for your grandchild in our woodshop, or staying connected with one of our tech classes.

Every moment is a valuable opportunity for growth and joy. At Friendship Village of South Hills, we help you seize those opportunities to their fullest. Experience a lifestyle where every day offers new avenues for enrichment and happiness.

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Senior Living Social Clubs

Connect With Your Peers

Friendships are essential at all stages of life. Fortunately, you’re surrounded by a welcoming community of peers at Friendship Village of South Hills. Imagine bonding with new companions over a round of bocce ball, nurturing beauty in our resident gardens, or coordinating a day trip to a local attraction.

Get creative! If the club or group you're looking for doesn't exist yet, seize the opportunity to start one and inspire those around you!

Chuck is now in charge of the wood shop. I'm managing a small store, so we have things that keep us busy, but not constantly like a job would. And we're just very, very happy all the time.

- Mary Ann Hunt, Friendship Village of South Hills Resident

More Senior Living Activities

How Will You Spend Your Time?

  • Unleash your inner artist in our fully-equipped art studio

  • Move and groove in an aerobics session in our fitness center

  • Get your laps in at our offsite pool

  • Enjoy a friendly game of bocce ball with new friends

  • Hone your golf skills with access to Frosty Valley Golf Links

  • Breathe in the natural beauty of our butterfly garden and walking paths

  • Stay ahead of the curve with our instructor-led tech classes

  • Find inner peace and spiritual enrichment in our dedicated worship room

  • Dive into a new read from our well-stocked community library

  • And that’s just the beginning!

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