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Memory Care In Pittsburgh, PA

Celebrating Life, Forming Bonds

Discover a place where you or your loved ones are cherished. Our memory care services at Friendship Village of South Hills are tailored for those with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Here, every moment is celebrated, and every memory is treasured, ensuring a life filled with dignity, purpose, and deep connections.

Alzheimer’s is not about the past … Alzheimer’s is about the present and the struggle, the scrappy brawl, the fight to live with a disease. It’s being in the present, the relationships, the experiences, which is the core of life, the courage to live in the soul.

- Greg O’Brien, Author

Memory Care Community Programming

Empowering Lives Through Shared Experiences

At Friendship Village of South Hills, you’ll find a community that embraces your unique journey. From group fitness to social events and even specialized therapy, our dedicated support team is here to let you know you're not on this road alone. We'll work directly with you and your loved ones to ensure each day is full of promise and enrichment.

I know that the word ‘family’ has been used so many times, but truly, this is now my family.

- Jeri Williams, Friendship Village of South Hills Resident

Memory Care Community Safety Features

Find Care, Comfort, and Assurance

Your loved one deserves a sanctuary where they can feel safe, where they can feel comfortable, and where they can thrive. We understand the delicate balance between fostering independence and ensuring safety. You and your family can find solace knowing that Friendship Village of South Hills residents are in a setting designed to promote personal freedom while safeguarding well-being. With daily routine assistance, guidance through engaging activities, and timely medication monitoring, we ensure every moment is cherished and every care is taken.

Memory Care Floor Plans

Personalized Attention, Private Spaces

At Friendship Village of South Hills, every memory care resident enjoys the comfort of private accommodations meticulously designed for personalized attention and ease of access. Just steps away, heartwarming meals, enriching activities, and expert care await.

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Memory Care Studio
Memory Care Studio
Beds: 1
Baths: 1
Sq Ft: 365

Your loved one will reside in elevated comfort in a suite built to suit their needs, which includes an accessible private bathroom, entertainment center, and area for visitors.

Memory Care Services And Amenities

All the Comforts of Home and More

Memory care residents have access to specialized amenities and services as well as expert team members who take additional steps to ensure residents can safely participate in activities.


  • 24/7 on-site memory care nurse and certified nursing assistant

  • Customized care plans crafted in collaboration with the resident, their family, and our dedicated team

  • Tailored memory care activities and programs

  • Medication management support

  • Expert help with day-to-day living tasks in a friendly manner

  • On-site dietitian for nutritional guidance

  • Comprehensive laundry and housekeeping services

  • Coordinated memory care guidance for residents and families to navigate disease-related challenges.


  • Private residences that support independence

  • Community layout promoting autonomy and self-reliance

  • Two memory gardens catering to both tranquility and activity

  • Open kitchen serving chef-crafted dishes in a familial setting

  • New, well-designed and secure garden courtyard

  • Multipurpose room

  • Dedicated room for family gatherings

  • Seating areas along walking trail

  • Well-equipped fitness center

  • On-site beauty salon

  • Cozy bistro

  • Emergency call and alert system

  • Round-the-clock community security

  • Convenient transport options

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access

Memory Care and Health Center Common Spaces

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Common Questions About Memory Care

Memory care at Friendship Village of South Hills offers specialized services for individuals with cognitive challenges, such as Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. Unlike assisted living, which assists with day-to-day activities, our memory care ensures heightened safety, security, and therapeutic engagements tailored to each resident's unique needs. Our setting encourages individuality while fostering a sense of accomplishment and well-being.

Every member of our dedicated team undergoes thorough training to understand and cater to the distinctive needs of our residents. They invest time in understanding your loved one's background, personal preferences, and daily rhythms. This deep, personalized connection fosters positive engagements, may minimize behavioral challenges, and often enhances overall well-being, potentially reducing medication needs.

Dementia is a broad term that describes cognitive decline symptoms impacting daily life functions. These symptoms can result from various conditions or diseases. Alzheimer's, on the other hand, is a specific degenerative brain disease and is the most prevalent cause of dementia. It progressively impairs memory, starting with recent memories and, over time, affects long-standing ones.

No. We offer memory care services to older adults from outside Friendship Village of South Hills.

Supported Care Options

Evolving Care for Every Chapter

Your journey is unique to you, and sometimes you might need a bit more support. Whether you're seeking daily assistance or more extensive care, Friendship Village of South Hills is here for you. And if unexpected challenges like injuries or illnesses arise, know that specialized rehabilitative services are at your disposal. We're dedicated to supporting your path—whatever it may be.

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