Issued September 21, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. CST

Dear Friendship Village of South Hills Residents, Family Members, and Team Members,

Lifespace Communities, Inc. (“Lifespace”) and Friendship Village of South Hills are taking a very measured and cautious approach in reopening community services and amenities. We continue to carefully monitor and evaluate all county, state, and federal activity and recommendations regarding the reopening of our communities. Beginning next week, the Assisted Living and Memory Care building will reopen to visitors.

Visitation Schedule

Visits in the Assisted Living and Memory Care building will be offered by appointment only at various times throughout the week and weekend. The Department of Human Services does not permit visitors during resident mealtimes.

Scheduling a Visit

Visits with Assisted Living & Memory Care Residents are by appointment only. Please contact Judy McClelland, Memory Care Coordinator to schedule your visit. Appointments can be made by calling 724-941-0212 or sending an email to: Residents are permitted to have two visitors at a time and visits will be limited to 30 minutes with time in between for sanitation. We will limit the number of visits per resident until every resident has had a visit.

Visitation Areas

All visits will occur on the outdoor patio of the Assisted Living & Memory Care building or in the café if the weather does not permit an outdoor visit. A team member from the Lifestyle department will sanitize the area before and after each visitor. The team members in the Lifestyle department have been trained on proper infection control procedures.

Residents Eligible for Visitors

Residents must be healthy and not in isolation to participate in a face-to-face visit. If necessary, transportation to visits will be provided for residents by a team member.

Assisted Living and Memory Care visitors must follow and pass our screening protocols upon entering the community, including submitting to a temperature check. Residents and visitors are required to wear face masks covering their mouths and noses for the entire visit.  Hand hygiene must be completed by all visitors upon entering and exiting the community. Social distancing must be maintained, and visitors must remain at least six feet from the resident throughout the entire visit. A community team member will accompany all visitors to the designated location and remain in the visitation area at all times. Exchange of materials (e.g. gifts, clothing, etc.), must be done through a community team member.

Future Openings

As we continue to carefully monitor and evaluate all county, state, and federal activity related to this pandemic, we have started to open various areas of the community. We will evaluate the effectiveness of our safety protocols before re-opening any additional areas.  Our goal is to confidently open all areas of the community for everyone and we will continue an abundance of caution as we return to “the new normal” operations of our community.

If we are made aware of any confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Assisted Living and Memory Care community, visitation will be stopped immediately to protect the wellbeing of our residents and team members.


Thank you again for your continued patience and support.


Thank you,


Bryan Welty                                          Jessica Ciancio

Executive Director                                 Director of Assisted Living & Memory Care


The Pennsylvania Department of Health offers additional information about COVID-19 in our state.