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Joining a Senior Living Community: Lessons Learned From Residents

While touring a senior living community and asking questions is an important part of the process before committing to a move, it also can be extremely valuable to hear from current residents about their experiences. Here—in their own words—are some of the lessons residents at Friendship Village of South Hills in Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania, have learned since moving in.

You’ll Never Run Out of Things to Do

When you move into the right senior living community, every day brings with it new experiences. Whether you’re painting in the art studio, practicing your golf swing, or joining friends for a round of bocce ball, there’s always some type of fun to be had and interesting people to enjoy activities with.

“[My husband] Chuck is now in charge of the wood shop,” resident Mary Ann Hunt says. “I’m managing a small store. So we have things that keep us busy, but not constantly, like a job would. And we’re just very, very happy, all the time.”

The truth is, in a luxury senior living community you can make your schedule as busy or relaxed as you want it to be. There’s always something going on. It’s up to you to decide how you want to fill your day to maximize enjoyment.

It’s Easy to Make Friends and Find Support

Making friends is easier when you’re part of a community. Conversations flow naturally over a nice meal and glass of wine. The same is true while enjoying on-site amenities, entertainment, or even stepping outside for a walk.

“We’ve met so many wonderful people [since moving in],” Mary Ann Hunt says.

This sentiment rings true for many, as it’s the people who really set a community apart. That includes compassionate team members and residents who desire to live their best lives.

“You get to know people [as you try new things], and it’s like a whole little community—we just love it [here],” resident Chuck Hunt says.

Community Living Is Worry-Free

Among all the benefits that moving to a senior community offers, it also supports you in prioritizing the things you enjoy most.

“It is a relief not doing all the cooking, the cleaning, the shopping—whatever you do when you’re living in a house by yourself,” resident Ginny Douds says.

Of course, you still can enjoy a little therapeutic cooking or cleaning when the mood strikes you. But you now have the option to cook one evening and treat yourself to a delectable meal from the community’s fine-dining menu the next. And weekly housekeeping is another nice perk.

The best senior living communities will also help you with special one-off requests.

“Since we moved in here, we have found that Friendship Village of South Hills has a support team that is just superb,” resident Denny Ommert says. “They really are. Whatever it is you need, they find a way to make it happen for you.”

Discover More About Community Life at Friendship Village of South Hills

“I wish I would have done this sooner,” is a comment we hear regularly from residents after they’ve settled into life at Friendship Village of South Hills. And it’s not just the high-end services and amenities that reinforce their decision to move in—it’s the other residents and compassionate team members who set our community apart from the rest.

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