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How Seniors Are Embracing Technology for Connection

For all of us, nurturing existing relationships and creating new friendships is fundamental to our holistic health. Even the most introverted among us yearn for genuine human connections from time to time. As technology has advanced, it’s also become a useful tool in helping people foster these relationships across both time and distance. 

In fact, more and more seniors are using technology for just this purpose. Recent insights from AARP reveal that “nearly all (98%) of those aged 50 and over own at least one device, such as smartphones (86%), smart TVs (70%), and tablets (59%), and the majority use them on a daily basis.” See how seniors are leveraging these tools to enhance connection and quality of life. 

Pursuing Passions, Hobbies, and Lifelong Learning

Many prestigious universities and educational institutions now offer remote learning options, enabling seniors to attend online classes from anywhere, regardless of the university’s physical location. This flexibility broadens educational opportunities and helps seniors meet new people among a variety of age categories.

Perhaps, instead of attending a formal class, you’d rather improve an existing skill or develop a new hobby. Online video tutorials hosted on platforms like YouTube or even Tiktok can be a great ressource for a variety of goals, whether you’re in search of heart-healthy recipes or researching must-visit destinations for next year’s holiday travel. Many of these channels also offer opportunities to connect with others with similar passions.  

Health and Wellness Management

You have the power to take charge of different aspects of your health using mobile apps or online services. For instance, if you aspire to eat more nutritious meals or lose weight, there are apps that can help you meal prep or monitor your daily calorie intake, allowing you to adjust your food choices accordingly. Some of the apps also offer online forums where you can communicate with other users to share tips and tricks. 

Alternatively, if your wellness goals revolve around enhancing your mental well-being, mobile apps that offer guided meditations and journal prompts can help you incorporate more mindful activities into your daily routine. As always, consult with your physician before trying any new health regimen. 

Connecting With Younger Generations 

There’s no doubt technology is essential for younger generations. While it may be initially disconcerting to witness your grandchildren so engrossed in their phones, you can bridge the generation gap by joining popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. This will allow you to watch videos, photos, and message each other, strengthening your bond. And you won’t be alone; in the aforementioned AARP article, it was reported “59% of older adults are using social media at least weekly.”

Besides staying connected via social media, you can use video chat platforms like FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Meet to talk to grandchildren, other family members, and friends. Video chatting is popular not only because it allows you to talk face-to-face, but it also allows three participants  or more to join a call, making it an ideal solution for weekly family chats or playing interactive games together.

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