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Full Circle: From Team Member to Resident

For years, Linda McCaig made the case that Friendship Village of South Hills was the place to go if you wanted to live out your retirement dreams. It turns out she was more than just an excellent salesperson. McCaig wholeheartedly believed in what she was selling and now finds herself living the lifestyle she spent so long convincing others was the way to go. From director of sales and marketing, McCaig has made the full circle journey to the role of resident.

“There was never any question that I’d eventually move here,” said McCaig. “I suppose there are sales jobs where you aren’t enthusiastic about what you’re selling but Friendship Village was never one of those. I always knew this would become home because, in many ways, it already was home.”

McCaig cited Life Care as the reason she believes so strongly in the Friendship Village model.

“From day one you have peace of mind,” she said. “You can enjoy the residential living experience – all the friends, food and amenities – while knowing you’ve got care if you need it down the road, all under one roof.”

McCaig is celebrating two years as a resident this month and says the experience has been even better than she’d imagined.

“My husband and I have made so many friends – many of whom I once convinced to move here as a sales director,” she said. “We love every minute here and wouldn’t change a thing.”

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