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Uncovering the Truth: Senior Living and Nursing Home Myths

Confused by the different types of senior living communities? You’re not alone. In researching different choices, you’ve likely come across the terms “senior living” and “nursing home.” Though often used interchangeably, these options are not the same. 

“Nursing home” is typically used to describe a community providing a wide range of skilled medical care to older adults who cannot live independently. However, “senior living” is a term that can encompass a variety of living options, including skilled nursing care, independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Read on as we debunk myths and get to the truth about the senior living communities and nursing homes.

Truth #1: Senior living is not a nursing home, but may include access to skilled nursing care

Senior living communities are designed to provide for a diverse array of retirement lifestyle preferences and medical needs. Seniors who can live independently, with little to no medical care, typically choose the aptly named independent living lifestyle.

Older adults who may need support with a few day-to-day activities such as brushing their teeth, getting dressed or medication management may choose assisted living. These seniors receive dedicated assistance tailored to their needs throughout the day. The level of support residents receive is based on their preferences and what’s needed to maximize their independence.

In addition to assistance with daily activities, some seniors may require an additional level of support. This level of care is referred to as skilled nursing or a nursing home. These care professionals work on-site in a senior living community, providing convenient and customized care to residents.

Truth #2: Residents get the assistance they need, when they need it

Just because you need assistance doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your independence. The assisted living lifestyle gives you the best of both worlds: support and freedom. This means help is always available, but you get to decide when you need it and when you don’t.

Truth #3: Residents retain complete freedom over their daily lives

The freedom to customize your experience is the greatest benefit a senior living community offers. Residents live in private apartments located on the community campus, and are free to come and go as they please. Family and friends are also always welcomed for visits and special events. Within the community, there’s a multitude of amenities and services to take advantage of, including fitness classes, salons, and restaurants that offer chef-created menus and gourmet dining experiences.

Truth #4: Social activities and opportunities for connection are abundant

A common myth about retirement communities is that you or your loved one will live in isolation. That is far from true. Senior living communities are one of the most vibrant and social settings an older adult can be part of. Residents enjoy the opportunity to mingle with fellow residents during community-hosted happy hours, movie nights, painting classes and other events. Meaningful social connection makes the retirement experience more fun, and can also help you stay physically and mentally healthy.

Truth #5: Accommodations are modern, sophisticated and pleasant 

It’s often thought that senior living communities are equipped with outdated amenities and substandard accommodations. However, most modern communities provide high-end amenities and sophisticated accommodations to match the cosmopolitan lifestyle you’re used to living. Private residences offer spaces to customize and call home, while days can be spent at the swimming pool or on the golf course. 

Find Your Community at Friendship Village of South Hills

One of the best ways to learn more about a senior living community is to book a tour. As you walk through the campus you’ll get to explore the spaces, services and amenities in person. You’ll also get the chance to meet the friendly team and speak with current residents about their experience. 

If you live in or near Pittsburgh, PA, stop by Friendship Village of South Hills. We’re one of the most popular senior living communities in Allegheny County. Residents love the elegant apartments, social events and sophisticated amenities that Friendship Village of South Hills provides. 

Discover an elevated retirement lifestyle. Contact us or book a tour to learn more.

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