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Have You Added “Not-For-Profit” to Your List of Considerations When Planning for Retirement?

Finding your new home in the Pittsburgh area after retirement can take a lot of different paths. Do you want to age in place? Or maybe you’re seeking a senior living community with a full continuum of care, well-appointed amenities, right-sized floor plans and engagement activities. But you may want to add one more consideration to your checklist: profit status.

Common Types of Senior Living Communities

Depending on the senior living community, you will find it may be operated by a for-profit company, while others might be operated by a non-profit faith-based organization or a non-denominational not-for-profit.

Priorities and responsibilities for how profits are used and distributed vary. While one isn’t necessarily better than the other, for-profit senior living communities function like any private business. This means they make decisions based on generating profits for stakeholders. Though this doesn’t necessarily lessen the quality of care or service, their bottom line is different than a not-for-profit community.

On the other hand, a not-for-profit senior living community like Friendship Village of South Hills invests back into our core mission — to enhance the life of every person who lives or works here. By reinvesting in resident and team member well-being and satisfaction, we continue to listen, and answer to, the very people who call our Allegheny County community home.

Real Benefits of Choosing a Not-For-Profit Life Care Community

Honestly, it’s never too early to discuss your post-retirement options and savings with a financial planner. Here at Friendship Village of South Hills, you’ll discover the benefits of a Life Care community.

Residents have a one-time, entrance fee that helps cover the cost of care as long as the resident lives here. In addition to an entrance fee, residents have the stability of a predictable monthly fee for regular living expenses.

Additionally, our residents and team members also have support from The Lifespace Foundation. Founded nearly three decades ago, the charitable arm of Lifespace Communities supports successful and purposeful aging for our residents and offers them peace of mind knowing they have a home for life.

Our Benevolent Care Promise

Our unwavering promise supports any resident who outlives their financial resources, through no fault of their own, with continued care for the remainder of their life. This offers solace to our residents as they continue on their personal health journey.

Making a Difference in the Lives of Residents & Team Members

The resident-led local Foundation Advisory Committee encourages active participation and reviews funding requests. Who better to guide our community than the people who live here? From team member scholarships for continuing education to the beloved library program run by dedicated volunteers, our residents influence how funds are awarded and distributed.

Investment Goes Back into Our Community

Backed by the philanthropic support of The Lifespace Foundation, we can go above and beyond our operational commitments to provide a safe, comfortable and active life for our residents. With the flexibility to offer enhanced programming, activities, adaptive accessories and other items both big and small, we continue to engage and grow our community experience.

Learn more about how you can support The Lifespace Foundation through tax-deductible charitable giving options, which in turn supports the social, intellectual, spiritual and physical needs of our residents right here at Friendship Village of South Hills.

Ready to See Yourself at Friendship Village of South Hills?

Whether you’re looking for a senior living community for yourself or someone you love, Friendship Village of South Hills welcomes you to see our community culture in action. Contact us today!

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